Kia Optima Adriana Lima Super Bowl 2012 Commercial

Kia Optima’s Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Features a Hot Adriana Lima

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Kia Optima Adriana Lima Super Bowl 2012 Commercial

This is definitely the hottest commercial to hit this year’s Super Bowl.

After all, it features Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima in a skimpy suit.

Voted #1 as the Most Desirable Woman in 2005 by an poll, the Victoria’s Secret angel gives sizzle to a commercial for the Kia Optima shown during Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana.

In the ad titled “A Dream Car, for Real Life”, a man goes to sleep and a dwarf coming out of the closet sprinkles his wife with some ‘sweet dreams’ dust. The wife immediately dreamed she was riding a horse with another man.

When it was his turn, the clumsy dwarf accidentally sprinkled him excessively transforming him into a race car driver with a hot Lima as the flag girl, while Motley Crue is playing a kick-ass song in the background. I don’t know why Chuck Liddell is even here. For star-studded value I think.


Now, where can I find a dwarf with some ‘sweet dreams’ dust?

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