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2011-12 NBA Season | David Letterman’s Jeremy Lin Top Ten Worst Puns

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With each passing game Jeremy Lin helps New York to win, slogans like those above seem to prosper – taking puns on the first Asian-American of Taiwanese or Chinese descent to play in the NBA.

Even newspapers and online news have Lin-inspired puns on their titles.

Some are funny, some, just downright foolish that David Letterman, gave a list of the top ten worst Jeremy Lin puns in his show “Late Show with David Letterman.”

1. You gotta be LIN it to LIN it

2. KNI-xual LIN-tercourse

3. JERE-meat Sauce with LIN-guine

4. Does this look LIN-fected to you?

5. LIN-terest-bearing LIN-vestment Grade Financial LIN-strument

6. Newt LIN-grich

7. LIN-ternational House of LIN-cakes

8. Ange-LIN-a JOL-emy

9. Law and Order: Criminal LIN-tent

10. LIN-termittent Windshield Wiper

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