Christina Hendricks Leaked Nude Photos Hacked Phone

Christina Hendricks’ Leaked Nude Photos From Hacked Phone (NSFW)

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Named as 2010’s “Sexiest Woman In The World,” Christina Hendricks often teases us with her cleavage.

Someone must have gotten tired of that so they decided to hack her phone and leak a nude photo of her showing off her massive breasts.

It is part of a group of pictures hacked from her phone. Hendricks confirmed the hacking and that the photos were stolen and that the majority of them are real but she insists that the “one” picture that shows her showing her boobs is fake.

Christina joins a long list of female celebrities who have had revealing photos leaked online.

Scarlett Johansson was the last actress to face the embarrassment of her phone being hacked and topless photos ending up on the internet.

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