April Fool's Day Prank: Google Maps 8 Bit

April Fool’s Day Prank: Google Maps 8-Bit For NES

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This is already becoming a yearly April Fool’s Day prank from Google.

Last year, we were annoyed when Google’s search results page was displayed in Comic Sans font style.

The year before that, we were surprised to learn that Google has officially changed its name to Topeka.

They were pranks of course.

This year, Google has another one for us. This time, with an 8-bit rendition of its Google Maps.

Remember the Nintendo Entertainment System (Family Computer) you used to play when you were young? Well, for those of us who were kids in the 80s anyway.

It’s like that.

Check out the video posted by Google below on its YouTube page:

Go on check it out: Google Maps

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