The Avengers Extra Scene After Credits

The Avengers Extra Scene After Credits

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As is the tradition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an extra scene is usually added in the ending after all the credits have rolled out.

In The Avengers movie, there is none.

But there is one about two minutes into the credits.

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed with caution.

Of course in the end, our all-star cast of superheroes managed to drive away Loki and his Chitauri army who were hell-bent on conquering the Earth.

In the bonus scene, we are transported to a different world with a minion reporting to someone that Loki failed in his quest. He then speaks along the line that challenging Earth is courting Death.

A big guy suddenly turns to the camera with a wicked grin.

That’s Thanos, a powerful alien, a warlord who rules over a dead dimension. He owns the Infinity Gauntlent, a very powerful artifact which appeared very briefly in the film Thor, in the Asgardian vault.

Check out the video:

UPDATE There’s a second bonus scene available only for viewers in North America!

Check it out!

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