The Avengers After Credits Shawarma Scene

The Avengers After Credits Shawarma Scene

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After sending the Chitauris to wasteland in the movie The Avengers, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man invited Steve Rogers AKA Captain America to try shawarma in a fast food joint two blocks away from where they are.

If you stayed in the cinema after all the credits have rolled out, you will see a second bonus scene. This is besides the one showing Thanos.

Apparently, this after credits scene was only available to viewers in North America.

In the scene, Tony Stark took the entire team to that joint he is talking about and they’re now eating.. shawarma of course.

Also known as döner kebab or gyros, it is a fast-food staple across the Middle East, Europe and the Caucasus.

The scene only lasts for about a minute and features no dialogue, just prolonged silence.

Check it out:

The Avengers After Credits Shawarma Scene

Who says superheroes don’t eat?

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