Diablo 3 Server Error 37 Error 75

Diablo 3 Server Error 37, Error 75 and Others

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Kept getting Diablo 3 Server Error 37, Error 75 and others?

As the most anticipated video game in history, fans have been waiting for almost a decade for the release date of the third and final installment of Diablo. It even broke the pre-order record for a PC game on Amazon and once the game servers went live at 11PM GMT last night, thousands of players eager to play the game was met with error messages.

The most common error being Error 37, “The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later.”

The servers couldn’t handle the volume of traffic. The error practically locked the users out of the game including the single-player campaign.

Diablo 3 Server Error 37

There’s also error 75, “There is a temporary outage of the Battle.net service. Please try again later.” The launch of Diablo 3 today has caused a stress on Battle.net’s servers causing it to have problems.

Diablo 3 Server Error 75

Some were also greeted by Errors 3004, 3006, 3007 and 300008.

Blizzard advised,

“Please note that due to a high volume of traffic, login and character creation may be slower than normal. If you’re unable to login to the game or create characters, please wait and try again. We’ve temporarily taken our Battle.net websites offline and launched more servers to accommodate for the traffic. We hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.”

Check out Blizzard’s technical support page to find help regarding this errors.

The solution they presented for Error 37 is somewhat funny,

“The only solution is to keep trying to log in.”


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