Diablo 3 Secret Level Staff of Herding Recipe

Diablo 3 Secret Level: Staff of Herding Recipe

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The Secret Cow Level in Diablo 2 started out as an April Fool’s Day joke for Diablo 1 in 1999 with a screenshot of cows. It was then made into a reality for the next installment of the game and one of the best video game easter eggs was made.

While it has not been discovered yet, a secret level is also highly likely for Diablo 3.

It might have stemmed from criticisms gathered by the game creators and designers that the game was too colorful and bright and too cartoonish.

Some months later, a Diablo 3 Community Manager named Bashiok posted a photoshopped Diablo 3 screenshot featuring a unicorn apparently farting a rainbow. The “Secret Rainbow Level” or “Secret Pony Level” or “Secret Unicorn Level” was born.

After the beta release of the game, a mysterious crafting recipe was found for a certain Staff of Herding. The plans drops randomly from Izual on Act 4.

Diablo 3 Secret Level Staff of Herding

The recipe requires these ingredients: Wirt’s Cowbell, Black Mushroom, Liquid Rainbow, Gibbering Gemstone, Leoric’s Shinbone and to be crafted by a  Level 1 Blacksmith (Haedrig Eamon) for a cost of 50,000 gold.

Diablo 3 Secret Level Recipe

All materials bind on pickup. They cannot be traded or sold.

Wirt’s Cowbell – this is of course an obvious reference to Wirt of Diablo 2. His leg along with a Scroll of Town Portal was one of the ingredients to be transmuted into the Horadric Cube in order to create the Secret Cow Level Portal.

It can be purchased in Act 2 from the NPC Squirt the Peddler in the Caldeum Bazaar. Find the item under the Miscellaneous tab and buy it for 100,000 gold.

“When the demons come, close your eyes and ring this… it takes you far, far away…” – Unknown

Diablo 3 Secret Level Wirt's Cowbell

Black Mushroom – it can be found within the Cathedral in Act 1. When you click on the patch of Black Mushrooms, out pops a lone little Black Mushroom which you can pick up.

“The Witch Adria seeks a Black Mushroom? I know as much about Black Mushrooms as I do about Red Herrings. Perhaps Pepin the Healer could tell you more, but this is something that cannot be found in any of my stories or books.” – Deckard Cain

Diablo 3 Secret Level Black Mushroom

Liquid Rainbow – this is a reference to the early complaints that the game was looking too bright and colorful. It can be found from the Mysterious Cave in the Mysterious chest in the Oasis in Act 2. You will know it’s the right place when you save the old man and he opens it up. The spawn point is always the same for the event.

“The colors swirl and twist in hypnotic patterns.”

Diablo 3 Secret Level Liquid Rainbow

Gibbering Gemstone – drops from Chiltara in the caverns of frost Act 3 (the area where you destroy the ballistae) if you get Ice Caverns exit out and start a new game. The mob itself is random.

“It seems to be active but it’s difficult to tell.”

Diablo 3 Secret Level Gibbering Gemstone

Leoric’s Shinbone – King Leoric was the ruler of Khanduras just prior to the events of Diablo I. He is known as the Black King and ultimately the Skeleton King. This item can be found at Leoric’s Manor by a fireplace.

“This charred piece of Leoric was clearly once connected to his ankle and knee.”

Diablo 3 Secret Level Leoric's Shinbone

As of this posting, no one has yet found what is the purpose really of this Staff of Herding or how it can be used to open the secret level.

We will update this post once more details are revealed. You can even share them to us once you found unlocked the mystery of this artifact.

UPDATE May 16, 2012:

The secret level has been found! It’s called Whimsyshire – The Land of Killer Unicorns.


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